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So recently someone signed up for a NOW TV.

They used, either accidentally, or on purpose, one of the aliases from my google email address. For those who don’t know, google takes email addresses like and also gives you the aliases, and a few others. This seems great, except you can’t actually send an email from them, that I know of. Anyway, someone used one of the aliases of my account to sign up for NOW TV. I tried emailing NOW TV  to let them know, but they didn’t respond. So I ignored it and eventually their systems auto-cancelled the application. All good, you’d think. Until I started getting spam from NOW TV to that alias. So I fire up an email to ask nicely if they could remove my email address (expecting the usual “email us from that email address to confirm, please”, which is another issue). Here’s how that case is going – I emailed asking if they could remove my email address from their list, explaining exactly what had happened so far and about the google aliases….

Thanks for contacting NOW TV.

I understand and I’ll try my best to help you on this.

I have checked with the given email address and seems there is no account linked –

To check and help you further, I will need few details to access your account.

  1. Are you the account holder? 
  1. Can you give me the first line of your address and postcode?
  1. The last four digits of the payment card registered to your account please?

Awaiting your reply.

So I reply with:


Yes, the problem with this is that gmail uses aliases,,, are all aliases of my account. 
One of these was used to create account  xxxxxxxxx, which may or may not have been cancelled/inactivated at this stage – I don’t know, it wasn’t my account in the first place.
However now I’m getting spam via the email alias that someone else used without my permission.
Figured this would do the trick, along with the previous email. Here’s the reply…

Thanks for reverting!

I can understand how much important this is for you.

However; please reply back to this same email with the below details so that I can locate the account and help you further :

  • Please help me with your full name and email address to which you have NOW TV Account registered?
  • Are you the account holder?
  • Can you give me the first line of your address and postcode?
  • Last four digits of the payment card on which you have been charged.

Awaiting your response.

Hope your issue will be resolved soon. 🙂

Hmm, you’re not getting this are you, NOW TV? And I’m getting a different responder every time. I can see I’m in for the long haul….

Hmm I don’t think you’re actually reading my email. I don’t have an account, I never did. Someone used my email alias to sign up.

Here’s the response (spot a pattern?)…

Thanks for contacting NOW TV.

I hope you’re doing good today.

I request you to please check with your family members and friends if they have used your email address to create an account and let us know about the same.

Awaiting for your response.

Well I’m awaiting a response from a normal human who can read and understand my emails. So I try to point that out…


They have not. And they would not use that email alias, as I’ve never given it out.
So what is the response?…

Thanks for reverting!

Sorry for the previous probing email that was sent in error.

However; please could you help me with the screenshot of any one of the marketing email that you are fetching by us with the dates ,mentioned on it so that we can get this checked further.

Awaiting your response!

So I dutifully obeyed and send the image, with the header info, to show the problem. Awaiting their response, after “reverting” (seriously?)

Awaiting response….

Thanks for your reply.

We know the feeling when something like this happens. 

To be honest we would not want this to happen with anyone. 

However,would request you to contact bank and stop payments so that no further payments are taken.

Hope this helps ! 

03/05/18 – Update:

Thank you for contacting us.

I understand how it feels if something like this happens.

I too would not like to face a similar situation as it relates to your hard earned money.

We tried locating your account with the details you provided sadly we are unable to locate such account with the charges you mentioned.

Hence we request you to please get in touch with your bank and stop any further payments to NOW TV.

And so the saga of wasting my time continues! I’ll update with more as it comes in! Clearly this is an auto-reply system.

I try the chat system:

KIRTI -: Thanks for contacting NOW TV, you are talking to KIRTI. Can I start by taking your full name and email address, please?
null -: Hi
null -: You don’t have a record of my name because I don’t have an account with you
null -: And I don’t want to give it to you because you’ve no reason to have it
null -: Please remove from your spam list and check I do not have an account registered with that email address – it was fraudulently used to try to set up and account and now I’m being spammed by nowtv
KIRTI -: I understand your concern.
Don’t worry I’ll try my best to sort it for yo.
KIRTI -: 8you
KIRTI -: Sorry for the typo error.
null -: details all of the conversations I’ve had so far
null -: I’m tired of repeatedly asking for a VERY simple thing and getting nonsense in reply
KIRTI -: I totally get it and I want to help you further. Can you give me the first line of your address and postcode, and the last four digits of the payment card registered to your account please?
KIRTI -: Are we connected?
null -: yes
null -: OK, so you’re not reading my messages
null -: you do not have any account info for me
null -: I NEVER HAVE
null -: you have scraped my email alias from a fraudulent account application which did not use my details other than my email address
null -: and now you won’t remove it
null -: I’ve even provided the original account application number
null -: because that got sent to me
KIRTI -: I get it, but i need to check it so that I may remove all your details.
null -: only an email address
null -: why would I give you more details
null -: you can’t be trusted with the ones you have
KIRTI -: Can you tell me whether you were charged and if yes how much amount was it?
null -: It’s not my job but….have you even read my emails?
null -: Let’s walk through this.
null -: 1) Someone applied for an account with their details and my email address
null -: 2) I didn’t respond to the email I got, so their fraudulent account was never set up
null -: 3) I started getting spam emails to the email address used in that account
null -: 4) I contact you to remove it, and you won’t without all my details, which you don’t have anyway and I won’t be giving you.
null -: just search for the email address I gave you in the emailing lists you have, remove it, and we’ll all be happy
KIRTI -: Please give me moment.
KIRTI -: I will make sure your issue is sorted today.
null -: thankyou
KIRTI -: Can you help me with your full name please?
null -: xxx xxx
KIRTI -: Thanks.
null -: but that was not used in the original account setup
KIRTI -: Okay.
KIRTI -: Just a couple of more questions to access the account xxxx.
null -: The fraudulent account setup was 623286802490
KIRTI -: Yes, but I need your full address postcode and the last four digits of the card to access the account please.
null -: but it’s not my address
null -: i don’t know it]
KIRTI -: Help me with all possible address, let me check.
null -: no
null -: absolutely no way I’m giving a company who can’t be trusted with details any more details
null -: you have the account number and the email address, if you can’t remove it I’ll find a legal route
KIRTI -: Believe me xxxx, I’m trying my best to get this sorted right away.
KIRTI -: Our customer’s details are very secure with us.
null -: apparently not
null -: or maybe too secure because you can’t find them 😀
KIRTI -: We will not be able to access the account without the correct information
KIRTI -: Are we connected?
KIRTI -: I haven’t heard back from you, if you still need help please let me know otherwise I’ll have to end our chat.

So, no luck.

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