More NowTV disservice

Back in I showed a nice long interaction with NowTV who refuse to validate email addresses when they are supplied with them by customers. That simple act of sending out an email to check the email address is correct before entering it into a database of account information. Even the most basic websites do this routinely in order to prevent mistakes and sharing of private data. NowTV don’t do this. They allow customers to put in any details they want (including mistakes and purposefully wrong data) and immediately begin sending information to them. In this case, further personal contact information.such as phone numbers and account access info.

What’s worse is their customer services team on tell you to connect the online chat, as their twitter team is just a forwarding front. The online chat tells you that you have to just block them and that their validation method is asking people to check the address is correct.

So now I’m enjoying more NowTV spam and getting the personal details of their customers sent to me again. If I were a criminal I could use info like this to get cash and more details from the customer, but nowtv don’t care about that. They just want you to stop complaining.

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